• USED: PSB Image C4 Speakers

USED: PSB Image C4 Speakers




Condition: 10/10

Original Price: $299

Seller Name: John Whelan

Location: Ottawa


Purchased new 3 Years ago in Ottawa. The Image C4 Centre channel fuses affordability and style with performance. With a pair of four-inch woofers and a one-inch titanium tweeter, this loudspeaker is equipped to handle the most demanding musical dynamics and provide tonal accuracy in today’s audio and theatre soundtracks. The stylish two-way horizontal design with added wood-grain veneer finishes and subtle curvature allow this speaker to fit into various home entertainment or multi-channel decors. The horizontal format also allows for easy integration into a multi-channel system as its slim profile permits it to fit under or near slender flat-screen televisions.


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