• USED: Grace M902 Headphone Amplifier

USED: Grace M902 Headphone Amplifier




Condition: 8/10 
Original Price: $2000
Seller Name: Oscar
Location: Toronto

• Stereo analog inputs - balanced (+4dbu) XLR and unbalanced (-10dbv) RCA. •Ultra low distortion 24-bit /192khz DAC accepts stereo digital input sources in AES3, S/PDIF and TOSLINK (optical) formats with auto sample rate detection and digital de-emphasis filter. •USB input provides a convenient way for users to enjoy a reference quality monitoring experience when connected to their computer. This interface supports 16-bit audio at 44.1 Or 48kHz sample rates. • s-locktm dual stage PLL (phase lock loop) circuitry for the ultimate in low jitter digital signal stability and sonic integrity. •Unbalanced line level outputs (m902) are provided via rca jacks on the rear panel for connection to stereo monitors. •Balanced line level outputs (m902b) are provided via ¼” tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) jacks on the rear panel for connection to stereo monitors. • Front panel rotary encoder provides precision level control of both headphone and line output levels. Level adjustments are made in 0.5db steps within a 95db range. •0.05db channel level matching to ensure true stereo balance at any monitoring level. •A large, blue 7-segment display is used to show headphone and stereo main output levels. •Calibration mode enables left/right balance adjustment for both headphone and mains outputs. There’s also a display dim mode that turns off all led’s except for the main power switch led. •X-feed (crossfeed) simulates the acoustics of a loudspeaker listening environment which can significantly improve imaging while reducing listening fatigue when using headphones. This feature employs carefully designed signal cross-feed, filtering and delay circuits to simulate hrtf (head related transfer functions). •High current transimpedance output amplifier design drives 8 ohm loads. The m902 was specifically designed with low impedance headphones in mind. •Only the highest quality 0.5% metal film resistors are used throughout and there are no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. Sealed gold contact relays are used for all signal switching

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