• Used: Gemme Audio Katana Itokawa V3 Speakers

Used: Gemme Audio Katana Itokawa V3 Speakers


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Shipping Weight: 124.74 (kg)

For sale is a beautiful pair of Gemme Audio Katana Itokawa V3 fullrange floor standers.

They sound absolutely fantastic and are perfectly suited in medium sized rooms. Tweeters are Scan Speak Revelators and the woofers are Accuton ceramic drivers. Extremely easy to drive at 94dB and the sound is just effortless.

I've since upgraded the crossovers with the help and design of Madisound and the approval of Robert Gaboury (original designer of the speaker). The original external crossover box is included along with its flight case. Due to my monoblock amp setup, I've decided to run a pair of external crossovers, one crossover enclosure per speaker (vs one enclosure for both speakers). The finished crossovers were placed into Hammond Walnut enclosures that I had purchased at Parts Connexion and wired internally with Mundorf 15ga silver/gold solid core hook up wire, as well as some Kimber. In total, this was an additional investment of over $500USD and well worth it. Pictures also show that I've reused the fantastic Furutech carbon fiber binding posts that originally came with the Gemme Audio crossovers. In addition, I will also include the pair of Kimber 8TC (approximately 2ft each) to connect these external crossover boxes to your amp(s). Of course, the original Gemme Audio speaker cable with Neutrik connectors are included - Cardas wiring if I recall correctly - beautifully made and shown in photo.

The speakers came originally packed in flight cases with wheels - one per spaker, and one for the crossover - and those will be included as well.

Listed condition as 8 because I transferred the binding posts from the original crossover box to the new ones.

Reason for selling - these have been part of a second system that now rarely sees much use. Getting pressure from my significant other to downsize. I would love for these to go to a new home so it could be enjoyed on a regular basis. Feel free to ask me questions about the speakers; I'll be more than happy to answer. Here are a few links for your reading pleasure:





Gemme Audio has a great track record of producing great sounding speakers and these are quite fantastic. It will be difficult to part with these...

Pickup only. Serious inquiries please and no lowball offers - and yes, offering me half of my asking is a lowball. That said, I am not opposed to offers, but please be reasonable.

original flight cases, mentioned cables, original external crossover box, new crossover boxes

Condition: 8/10

Original Price: $15,000

Seller Name: Ifte

Location: Toronto

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