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  • "The Wall" System

"The Wall" System

$24,499.00 $25,799.00


Level 9 is getting into magic territory. The same great synergy and tonality as Level 8 but with more texture, life, and "realness". When you hear it, you will know. Finally the Harbeth SHL5+ speakers provide just that much more "oomph" with their larger box. They convey the energy of recordings in an astonishing way. Perfectly suited to a room around 16 x 20.

Accuphase E360 Integrated Amplifier
Kuzma Stabi PS Turntable with Stogi S Tonearm and Kuzma CAR-20 MC Cartridge
Trichord Diablo Preamplifier and NCPSU
Harbeth SHL5+ Speakers

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