• REL S/3 SHO Wireless Subwoofer
  • REL S/3 SHO Wireless Subwoofer
  • REL S/3 SHO Wireless Subwoofer

REL S/3 SHO Wireless Subwoofer



If you find this product advertised online in Canada we will beat the advertised price by 5%, availability dependent.

The S/3 SHO is, in our opinion, quite a magical device. This sub surely does play loud, louder than most anyone would need in a typical less-than-gynasium sized listening room. However, the really special part of this sub is that it works extremely well with already full-range or near full-range speakers. REL has managed to design a sub that just works perfectly below 40Hz. Absolutely perfectly. No audible overtones or "slowing" of your speakers bass, with an incredibly precise volume and crossover adjustment. The result is the S/3 SHO doesn't so much add bass in the traditional sense. It just adds presence. Ever think recordings like Fleetwood Mac Rumours are compressed for AM radio and have no bass life? Try an S/3 SHO. This is what high end audio is about.

S/3 SHO (Super High Output) derives from the flagship S/5 SHO offering a more compact footprint while retaining much of S/5 SHO’s performance, making it an ideal pairing for slightly more modest systems and rooms. In quality it is the equal of S/5 SHO using the same Continuous CastTM Alloy Cone Driver and carbon passive radiator, only in a slightly reduced size, paired with a 400W NexGen2 digital amplifier. Beautifully balanced, S/3 SHO offers powerful, incisive performance for both 2-channel and theater systems.

SHO refers to Super High Output, made possible by a new 3-stage limiter REL engineers created after extensive testing revealed that much higher output, higher gain and higher performance could be unlocked. The result is a new design that is capable of more than doubling its predecessor’s output. Specify the S/3 SHO, singly or in pairs, when your system is of exceptionally high quality, and your speakers and room can support high levels of dynamics and bass extension.

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