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  • Ortofon MC Anna Cartridge
  • Ortofon MC Anna Cartridge
  • Ortofon MC Anna Cartridge
  • Ortofon MC Anna Cartridge

Ortofon MC Anna Cartridge



The new Ortofon’s MC Anna represents the highest echelon of Moving Coil cartridges. This state of the art product, representative of numerous Ortofon design elements and ideals, is truly exemplary of the highest degree of performance possible in contemporary analogue playback technology.

The story behind the MC Anna cartridge 

Historically Ortofon has a long tradition of paying tribute to persons who have been highly influential within the high-end audio culture and in music culture and history in general. In honor of these remarkable persons, Ortofon has introduced numerous products throughout the years, including the SPU Meister, MC Rohmann, Kontrapunkt BACH and MC Windfeld cartridges.

Continuing this tradition with the MC Anna, Ortofon dedicates this new flagship cartridge to the opera singerAnna Netrebko, a virtuoso whose performance displays a formidable technical arsenal of endless versatility. With the dedication of the MC Anna, Ortofon once again emphasizes the company’s unchanging commitment and devotion to the music and to the purest delivery of recorded sound. Much like Anna Netrebko, Ortofon aspires to provide the ultimate musical experience through a mixture of innovation and technical expertise, combined with inspiration that goes beyond mere thought to reveal true inner emotion.

Special Polished Nude Ortofon Replicant, 20Hz-20kHz, 200 μV 





Output Voltage 0.2 mV @ 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec
Channel Balance 0.5 dB @ 1kHz
Channel Separation

25 dB @ 1kHz

22 dB @ 15 kHz

Frequency Noise

20 Hz-20,000 Hz +/- 1.5 dB

Tracking ability

80µm @ 315 Hz with recommended tracking force

Compliance, Dynamic, Lateral


Stylus Type

Special Polished Nude Ortofon

Stylus tip radius

r/R 5/100µm

Tracking force, Recommended

2.6 g (26 mN)

Tracking angle


Internal Impedance, DC resistance

6 Ohm

Recommended Load Impedance

> 10 Ohm

Cartridge  body material

SLM Titanium

Cartridge Colour


Cartridge Weight

16 gram

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