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  • "Love Supreme" System

"Love Supreme" System

$18,599.00 $19,645.00


Level 8 replaces the RPM 9.2 with Kuzma Stabi S turntable. Although they look similar, the greater mass, superior machining and superb unipivot tonearm a makes the Kuzma a revelation in comparison. It achieves greater dynamics, blacker backgrounds and simply purer music. The separate MM phono preamp and MC step up allows completely adjustable loading and higher performance. This system is getting close to "as real as it gets".

Accuphase E260 Integrated Amplifier
Kuzma Stabi S Turntable with Kuzma CAR-20 MC Cartridge 
Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex & Elevator phono preamps
Harbeth Compact 7-ES3 Speakers

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