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For proper surround speakers in their rooms. They're either too small or the couch is against the back wall so surround speakers are near useless. Beyond that, having fewer speakers and fewer wires to run is a really attractive idea and it allows you to invest in much better quality than if you had to buy 5. The KEF C100 are a fantastic micro speaker. Add the Boston Acoustics ASW250 subwoofer to perfectly round out the bass and you will be shocked at the performance of a 2-speaker home theatre system. The Marantz has advanced auto-setup, is the slimmest on the market and sounds better than anything else at the price. It's a perfect small room or condo home theatre package and it sounds great for music too!


KEF C100 Bookshelf Speakers

Boston Acoustics ASW250 Subwoofer

Marantz NR1504 Surround Receiver

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