• USED: Burden TNE 7000

USED: Burden TNE 7000




Condition: 10/10

Original Price: 800

Seller Name: Jeff

Location: Picton

This one is particularly hard for me to sell as it makes listening to vinyl a truly great and noiseless experience.

This unit is a more advanced and more transparent version of the SAE 5000 pop and tick remover. The SAE unit is pretty heavy handed at eliminating noise, whereas the TNE 7000 is more refined and less obtrusive. It is a far better piece of equipment.

The circuitry, excellent build quality, and fantastic performance, Especially on badly damaged records. Easy to adjust, and transparent in action, even on the worst records. Hard to believe it can cut so much "bad" out without audibly interrupting the music. 

Richard Burwen was way ahead of his time, and designed several pieces of audio electronics in the '70's and '80's. He was highly respected in the audio community.

The manual is available here:http://www.audiorents.com/library/userManuals/1_Burwen_TNE7000A.pdf

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