• Audio Research DS 225 SS Power Amplifier
  • Audio Research DS 225 SS Power Amplifier

Audio Research DS 225 SS Power Amplifier




With the introduction of the DS-series amplifiers, Audio Research has proven that high power output, great sound quality, and high efficiency can all come together in a single package. The DS225 adds another chapter to the Definition Series amplifier story, taking the proven format of the DS450 and scaling it down slightly in size and power, producing an ample 225 WPC into an 8-ohm load.

Housed in a chassis the same size as the DSi200 integrated, the DS225 continues the design hallmarks of the DS450. Audio Research’s proprietary Class D all-discrete analog switching mosfet output technology is again combined with a large, linear analog power supply, yielding tremendous speed and power delivery, but doing so with cool-running efficiency, idling at only 38 watts. The DS225 is another true “green” amplifier designed for economical, maintenance-free operation and long, reliable service life—it can even be placed in an enclosed cabinet without a second thought. The DS225 will drive almost any speaker available today with ease.
The DS225 is a global feedback-free, fully-balanced design with both XLR balanced and RCA single-ended inputs. Dual Cardas patented binding posts are featured, 12V triggers are included, and there is a 15A IEC connector on the rear panel.

Like its two predecessors, the DS225 has an uncanny ability to resolve information and place musicians firmly within a large soundstage – even at low levels. You’ll hear none of the “dead zone” effect at low volume that is common to other conventional switching designs. Bass control, reach and impact are all superb, while musical dynamics are instantaneous; the DS225 is very quick on its feet. In addition, the amplifier has an extremely low noise floor, allowing instruments to emerge from a black background. Tonal balance is neutral, fine grained and relaxed. The DS225 distances itself from other switching amplifiers, sounding like an extraordinarily refined, discrete, class-AB amplifier deserving of the Audio Research pedigree.

Like all Audio Research products, the DS225 is made by hand in our Plymouth, Minnesota facility.   Connections are hand-soldered, not press-fit nor wave-soldered.  All metalwork, boards, transformers and major parts are American-made and sourced locally.  We take a great deal of pride in our workmanship, and so will you.
 Power Output 225 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 1% THD; 360 watts per channel into 4 ohms, both channels driven.

Frequency Reponse (-3dB points at 1 watt) 5Hz to 55 kHz.
Input Sensitivity 2.15V RMS for rated output (26.0dB Gain) single-ended or balanced.
Output Polarity Non-inverting from single-ended inputs. Balanced pin 2+ (IEC-268).
Input Impedance 150K ohms single-ended, 300K ohms balanced differential.
Output Regulation 0.06dB 8 ohm load to open circuit (Damping factor 167).
Output Current 15 amps peak at protective shutdown.
Slew Rat 5 volts/microsecond. (20% maximum duty cycle).
Rise Time 5.0 microseconds.
Hum & Noise 300 microvolts RMS (103dB below rated output IHF A-weighted). 
Power Supply Capacitance 160,000 uF total.
Power Requirements 100-125VAC 60Hz (200-250VAC 50Hz) 488 watts at rated output (225WPC 8 ohms), 758 watts at 360WPC 4 ohms, 35 watts idle, Standby 1 watt.
Dimensions 19" (48 cm) W (standard rack panel) x 5 1⁄4” (13.3 cm) H x 14 1⁄4” (36.2 cm) D (front panel back). Optional handles extend 1 1⁄2” (3.8 cm) forward of the 1⁄4” thick front panel. Output connectors extend 0.9" behind rear panel. 
Weight 34.9 lbs. (15.8 kg) Net; 41 lbs. (18.6 kg) Shipping.

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