• Air Tight PC-1 Supreme Ultimate MC
  • Air Tight PC-1 Supreme Ultimate MC
  • Air Tight PC-1 Supreme Ultimate MC

Air Tight PC-1 Supreme Ultimate MC

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For many years, the holy grail of cartridge design has been a moving coil (MC) cartridge with a low internal impedance and relatively high output voltage, these goals being virtually diametrically opposed.  Leave it to the geniuses at Air Tight, to create a heretofore impossible design in the form of the Air Tight PC-1 Supreme.

To achieve this seemingly Herculean goal, Air Tight engineers developed a new ultra-hi-μ magnetic core material dubbed SH-μX, which when used in tandem with larger diameter conductors (55μ in diameter up from 40μ) reduced the number of coil windings by 40% while allowing the internal impedance of the PC-1 Supreme to drop to as low as 1Ω!

While all the technology is fascinating, the real reason to get your hands on this stunning phono cartridge is its ability to play any music thrown at it with complete control. Whether it’s the dynamics, the natural tonality, the extension at the frequency extremes, the speed and attack, the sound-staging ability, or the lack of noise, the Air Tight PC-1 Supreme is a real revelation in MC cartridge design.


“No other moving-coil design that I’ve heard boasts the refinement, punch, and detail of the Air Tight. Encased in a gold body, it represents the state of the art. On LP after LP, the Air Tight excavated a wealth of information in LPs that had previously been obscured by noise and distortion. The sheer vividness and speed of the cartridge is overwhelming. In sum, a colossal achievement!”

– Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award Issue, June/July 2009

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