• 3.1 Home Theatre System Level 2

3.1 Home Theatre System Level 2

$2,849.00 $3,029.00


With the addition of the Castle Knight 3 bookshelf speaker and REL's T/5i, our LEVEL 2 system is a clear improvement over our LEVEL 1 system. Once again, the NR1508 is 5.1 capable so if you choose to go for a full surround system in the future, just add another pair of speakers.

The Marantz NR1508 is a powerful 5-channel home theater receiver featuring high quality sound from a slim-line body and the addition of network capabilities that let you enjoy free internet radio as well as online streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify and SiriusXM. This receiver also supports AirPlay, which lets you play a wide range of content from the music library in your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With the Marantz Remote App you can easily operate the NR1508 from an Android or iOS device. The Setup Assistant displayed on your TV guides you through the quick and easy process of setting up your home theater. Once that's done, you're all set to enjoy all kinds of home theater entertainment along with an outstanding surround sound experience.

The Knight 3 is the smallest of three floorstanding speakers in the Knight series. In most loudspeaker designs, room modes are easily excited by forward or rear-firing reflex ports, which can cause resonance and a resulting 'boom' at particular bass frequencies. This is one of the main reasons we have not recommended inexpensive floorstanding speakers in the past. They simply don't sound very good. The Knight 3 is different. Unique at this price point, the Knight uses a transmission line bass port which comes out evenly in 360 degrees at the bass of the speaker. This provides a much more even bass output than a single port. As a result, bass frequencies are very natural and don't overstep the beautiful midrange and treble of this speaker. A stunning inexpensive floorstander.

While compact in size, the full bandwidth Castle Lincoln C2 offers a quality of performance that will enhance any AV system. Our sophisticated cone technology brings an unsurpassed level of dynamic detail to centre channel performance. The two 130mm magnetically shielded bass units feature shaped pole magnet systems for reduced distortion, while the new 19mm tweeter, also fully shielded, offers extended frequency response up to 24kHz.

The Sumiko S.5 is the evolution of its smaller sibling, the S.0. While still compact, the S.5 gains some overall size to incorporate a larger driver, and provide more substantial bass reinforcement. This mid-sized woofer will be a welcome addition to any two-channel or multichannel system, providing a balance between accuracy and output. 

The Sumiko S.5 utilizes a custom, 8-inch, long throw woofer in a cast steel basket, providing an additional 50% greater surface area over the S.0. A high current, 150 watt, Class AB amplifier to delivers thrill and excitement to your music, movie or gaming experience. Combine multiple S.5 units for more even bass distribution and greater impact.


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