The SoundMaster

The reason I started Planet of Sound so many years ago was because I have always had a special ability to hear. Within a few seconds I can tell whether something is correct, natural, accurate - or not. Conversely, even after years, I can remember what things sound like and have developed an encyclopedic knowledge of products. Here are some stats:

  • 10,000+ hours of critical listening
  • 12 years of visiting key tradeshows around the world
  • Setup stereos in over 500 varied rooms
  • 1 year formal university training in Acoustics
  • Repeatable blind A/B differentiation
  • Personal relationships with factories and manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Direct audition of over 10,000 components (speakers, amps, sources etc.)

Most usefully, after listening to thousands of components in as many rooms, I have developed the ability to protract which component is causing which effect by isolating the likely causes through design style, known past interactions and elimination of room biases. This information is simply impossible to gain by means other than the extensive and rigorous ongoing research that I do. I do not believe there is one other such professional working in Canada.

When you are ready to buy your final system, I am here as your resource-- to learn your taste, concerns and room acoustics in order to bring you the sound you hear in your head. This is the exclusive SoundMaster experience. 


Gunnar Van Vliet




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