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Stereo Optimization

Stereo Optimization - $150.00/hr
We've heard thousands of components in thousands of rooms so we can save you a lot of time by catching obvious mis-matches and improper setup. Save yourself headaches and wasted money on upgrades! Generally we can double the performance of any system through setup alone. Here's a note from a happy customer:

"I thought that after many many years of enjoying music on various costly equipment, that I had developed the ability to get the most out of my system. Boy was I wrong. Gunnar promised me that the small cost of having him coming to my house and refining the performance of my existing set up would be the best money I've spent on my audio. Now that he's come and worked my equipment around, I couldn't agree more. He made me realize why I spent all that money on my equipment in the first place. What's most important, is that he allowed me to enjoy my music in my own home like never before. I now realize that expensive equipment alone is not enough. It takes an ear and breadth of knowledge like that of Gunnar's to bring out the real value of good equipment." -- James K.
Cartridge mounting and setup (basic) - $30.00
How many people have accidentally broken the stylus on their new cartridge trying to install it? We take away the worry and do it for you. Includes alignment, antiskate, and stylus pressure adjustment. This service is free when you buy a turntable from us.

Turntable checkup and cartridge alignment - $50.00
We'll check speed, adjust suspension, tonearm height and cartridge alignment.

Cartridge mounting and setup (advanced) - $150.00
Includes alignment, antiskate, stylus pressure and VTA adjustment as well as bench testing with an oscilliscope to determine optimal electrical output.

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