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Our Philosophy

Since 2006, we have traveled the world to visit the many audio shows and talk to manufacturers to constantly find the few products that are exceptional. We catalog literally all the items in a master database regarding sound impressions, features, price and manufacturer relation style. Over the years, the list of products we've heard, touched, or tried in house is over 100,000. Trust that we have sought out only the very best of these for you and that every product we sell is one that we would choose to own ourselves.

We want to sell products that will make you happy and perform for a lifetime. Finding these products is much tougher than it should be. Even certain products within the lines of one company may fail to meet the high standards we expect.

If you don't see a product in our store please accept that we have made the decision for a reason. We want to give you the best value and keep you happy in the long run. Music should bring a lifetime of enjoyment and so should the gear you buy from us. If we don't think it's right for you, we will say so and recommend something more suitable. Please take advantage of our expertise.

A word about pricing:

Following from our desire to sell good products, you may find that we don't often carry the cheapest or most expensive product from a given brand. Some of these may have been well reviewed by magazines or very popular at other stores. The reason we don't carry it is because we don't consider the product to be a worthwhile investment, and not good value for the cost. Remember, you may keep a stereo for 20 or 30 years. It is far better to have a product that performs pleasantly for the whole time which costs a reasonable amount more (or less) than one that will irritate you every time you use it. Over the life of the product you will quickly forget about the difference in cost if it is a good purchase.

In a similar way, products at other stores may be heavily discounted. With so many brands available today, and many made in China, the true cost of these brands may still be much less than the "sale" price you're seeing. In fact, the prevailing trend in the audio industry is to inflate the retail price and then give an artificial sale price. We don't believe this is genuine. Simply, the best product is the one performs the best and suits your needs, at the amount you want to spend. If a product is regularly $5000 and being sold on sale for $2000, something fishy is going on. Products are discounted for a reason -- because they weren't worth the original price to begin with. Let us show you better performance for equivalent cost, even if the competition is on sale.

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