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Kuzma Stabi M Turntable Unboxing & Setup

Every once in a while something so special comes to the store that we all stop and take notice. The latest such product is the impressive Kuzma Stabi M Turntable. It's a beast! This incredible new design is the latest from the Kuzma factory and features a completely hand made aluminum plinth, composite platter and the world-best 4-Point tonearm. Total weight is 134 pounds. The perfect speed stability, incredibly inert plinth and precise tonearm elevate record playing to a level digital can only ever dream of. Perfectly quiet background noise, rock solid imaging and more presence and life than you will ever hear from another source. Truly a world reference. Check out the unboxing of this magnificent turntable!

The Stabi M comes in 2 huge wooden crates for safe shipping. Individually cut styrofoam inserts are logically laid out for maximum protection.

A table of this size rarely comes with a dust cover. This is one of the very special user-friendly traits of this reference turntable.

Each layer of packaging is separated with a thick layer of board to protect everything.

The plinth comes fully assembled for an amazingly easy setup. Of the many high end tables we've set up, none are as easy as the Stabi M!


Box #2 features the 26 pound platter, heavy record clamp, power supply, setup tools and cables and not least of which...

... the remote control! Now onto the setup.

The plinth comes in one piece as you see here. Really incredible hard-suspension/high-mass design. You can see the motor peeking out at the back left and the tonearm mounting square on the back right.

Here's a close up of the inverted solid ruby bearing. Yes, that's a ruby gemstone. To handle the weight of the platter and to guarantee an almost unlimited lifespan, few materials are as hard or can be polished as smoothly as a ruby. This table is designed to outlast us all!

Next up is the aluminum sub platter. After dropping the requisite number of drops of oil on the bearing, the excess oil, if there is any will bubble up through the air hole in the top. The machining on this sub platter is so gorgeous!

A special blue plastic belt goes around the sub platter and motor spindle. This motor has such high torque it can spin the platter up to speed in 3 seconds. The long-life belt is much less stretchy than regular rubber and provides a superior strength of drive.

The tonearm base screws on with 4 allen key bolts at the back. This makes mounting different tonearms very easy. You can pre mount them and then interchange them. In our case we threaded the tonearm wires through the supplied lower channel. You'll see this at the end.

Putting on the platter is really a 2 person job as there is very little clearance between the platter and the plinth. You have to be careful not to drop the 26 pound platter even slightly onto the ruby bearing.

Here's a closeup. The minimal space keeps the centre of gravity low.

The 4-Point VTA tower fits perfectly into the supplied arm board. There is nearly no adjustment needed.

The arm itself is placed onto the VTA tower, carefully siting the two pin-points on the back in the associated metal cups on the back of the rotating bearing. This unique and revolutionary bearing structure is where the 4Point gets its name. It's so simple an idea and so effective, Kuzma has made an exponential leap in tonearm performance.

The circular knob on the VTA tower allows for millimetre adjustment of arm height, while the record is playing. We set the rough VTA first using a set screw on the side of the tower.

Here's another view of this incredible tonearm. The "outrigger" design means that it can be mounted on almost any size table. 

We're mounting the fabulous Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish cartridge to the 4-Point. This cartridge is one of, if not the finest cartridge in the world. It helps that it's almost exactly the same size as the Kuzma headshell and the straight sides make this easier to align than just about any cartridge. Isn't it satisfying when ultimate performance and ultimate user-friendliness coincide?!

We do a precise alignment with the protractor, set downforce, and VTA and then double check anti skate and other sound tests with the test LP. 

Finally, it's time to spin a record! Let's get that remote and sit down...

Wow, what a sound! Analog is really something special. There is really no limit to what you can get out of it with the right machine. For those who haven't heard a Kuzma, the difference is so obvious that it's impossible to go back!

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