Great Sounding Portable Audio


This month is all about portable audio and the ability to listen on the go. With so many options out there, it can be tough to choose the right product. To help you get the most for your money, we’ve decided to highlight a few stand-out portable speaker options that not only sound exceptional, but also have some enticing extra features.
What Is Bluetooth?

It’s hard to talk portable without mentioning ubiquitous Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth 
is the name for the standardized wireless connection between two devices. It gives you the ability to wirelessly stream the audio from your device (computer, tablet, phone, iPod, etc.) to a speaker, without the use of an additional application or password. Simply turn on both components, pair up, and play!
Generally speaking, portable bluetooth products have an effective range of 30-35 feet from the audio source and a battery life upwards of 5 hours. Some Bluetooth devices focus more on portability, some want to be the toughest, and some are just about sound quality! Here are our picks for the winners in each category,  


The engineers at Geneva Labs have come up with a sleek, travel ready, balanced sounding portable bluetooth speaker that is hard to beat at its price point. Inspired by the classic travel clock, it comes in a sturdy leather-like clamshell case that flips open to deliver rich and detailed sound. You have the option of playing music via Bluetooth, Aux in, FM tuner, and alarm. Each speaker is individually housed with its own separate power and acoustic chamber, resulting in stereo-like separation. The LED front lit display touch controls built in case make the Geneva XS one of the most versatile units around. The rechargeable lithium battery consistently lasts for upwards of five hours and can be re-charged quickly with the accompanying power supply. Closed, it’s a rugged and stylish accessory small enough to slip into any briefcase or tote bag. Great for the traveller.


The most rugged option on our list is the BRV-X from Braven. This is the ideal speaker choice for those wanting to bring their music with them through all of their summer adventuring. Whether it’s the cottage, the beach, the deck or the trail, this speaker will hang tough. It boasts 12 hours of battery life, speaker phone abilities, and the ability to charge your phone on the go. The rubberized exterior and water resistant features make sure the music will be there when you need it. It’s nice to have a great sounding speaker that's made tough so you don’t have to worry about it. The Braven BRV-X exemplifies what a durable bluetooth speaker should be.


Where sound is concerned, the MUO by KEF is the definition of portable luxury. What makes it one of the best sounding portable Bluetooth speakers available on the market is the inclusion of Kef's legendary Uni-Q driver speaker technology - the same used in KEF’s legendary LS50 bookshelf speaker. This driver brings remarkable clarity, detail, and sound staging to the portable world. You can stand the MUO horizontally or vertically. Pair two MUO speakers for a truly portable hifi stereo set-up, or operate them up in mono party mode. The built-in battery gives 12 hours of playback and the speaker has a 30ft range. On it’s own, or in a pair, the MUO looks, feels and sounds incredible.

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