Bespoke Systems

There is no finer differentiator of style as one's taste in music. To bring your music to life, it takes a stereo tailored especially to you.


For those who have been in the audio hobby for a long time, it eventually becomes clear that the secret to perfect system is in the precise matching of components to each other and to your listening room. The difference between a great and a bad system can hinge on one component, one cable, or one tweak. Knowing how to anticipate and properly match components is paramount. Learning this information, like all other professions is not a quick affair. To be the best it requires copious amounts of time, money and experimentation. It means building an encylopedic knowledge of how components work together. It means making a benchmark of what is truly possible and then predictably being able to combine the elements to achieve the desired result.

As with fine cars, watches, and of course clothing, most people realize that at some point it is more economical and rational to employ the services of a master-practitioner to assemble a custom solution. That is Bespoke Service.

We've invested 10 years of first-hand experience with thousands of components, hundreds of reference-level systems, and regular pilgrimages to the world's best hi-fi shows and manufacturers. We not only select the best of the best, but we constantly experiment with the new and unknown so we can accurately advise on all products and match our products exactly to them if that is the case. This means we can, with complete confidence, deduce your needs and connect them to a solution which satisfies you on every level: sound, aesthetics, function and emotion. This is sound at the highest level. Bespoke Service.

The process is as follows:


  • We learn your taste both musically and sonically
  • We evaluate your listening room for acoustics and aesthetics
  • We recommend custom solutions based on your existing reference points
        as well as personal demonstration of new components
  • We install your chosen system and guarantee the performance capability


Gunnar Van Vliet

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