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Working in a hi-fi store, we tend to get asked the same questions a lot so we've written some articles covering the most common topics.We hope you enjoy them and we are always up for some spirited discussion if you want to comment.


Great Sounding Portable Audio

The 3 Levels of Patio Sound 

The 3 Cables that Complete Any System

Upgrading From Your First Turntable

Record Care 101

"All-in-One" Systems

Buying Guide: On-the-Go Headphones

Static & Your Record Collection

Best Music of 2015

The Castle Knight 5 - What a Tower Speaker Should be

Building Your Record Library

Marantz 8005 - The Everyman's Hi-Res Streamer

How To: Tube Amp Biasing

Fixing Hums, Noise & Radio Interference in Your System

Turntables: 101

How to Describe Sound

Kuzma Stabi M: Turntable Unboxing & Setup

How to Get Great Sound from your iPhone

Best Music of 2014

Harbeth Visit

Accuphase Factory Visit

Live vs. Stereos

Your First Turntables:

Old vs. New

Castle Knight 1 Speakers -

Small Package, Big Surprise

How to Build a Custom Audio Installation 

How to Audition Gear

The Truth About Computer Audio

Is High Fidelity Still Possible?

Fixing Your Room Acoustics

Yes, Turntables Are Back!

Which Home Theatre is Right for your Room?

Why Do you Need A Hi-Fi Dealer?

How to Set up Your Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable (Video)


 Wireless Speakers and Mini Amps

Why is My System Hurting my Ears?


The Importance of Proper Component Isolation

ACC vs. MP3 & the iTunes Store, 3 Part Test  

How To Integrate A Subwoofer Into Your 2-Channel System


Best Music of 2018

Why Everyone's Hearing is Not Different  

Full Range Systems


Under $300 Cartridge Comparison

The Glory Days of Hi-Fi


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