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"All-in-One" Systems

Sleek and compact, many of us love the idea of an all-in-one system, but it can be tricky to find a system that looks fantastic and delivers high-quality audio. There are a multitude of bluetooth capable systems on the market today that claim to produce audiophile sound, however most of these units simply do not have the build quality, and resulting sound quality, to support these claims.

The issue with most is that the sound typically comes from a single and very small driver. The resulting sound usually suffers from a serious lack of clarity, detail and separation. While suitable for some applications, these kinds of units just won’t cut it for those looking to fill their space with high quality audio.

However, all is not lost. The engineers at Geneva Labs have spent the last ten years focused on improving the sound, look, and functionality of the all-in-one system. In business since 2006, the Swiss company has put their focus on engineering a high quality product that not only looks good, but also passes the listening test. Instead of one tiny central speaker, they’ve outfitted their models with a number of high quality drivers and tweeters and dedicated those drivers to left and right channels, allowing the frequency response, clarity and detail to come into line with what you would hope to hear from a properly designed all-in-one system.

Of equal note is the emphasis given to form and function. Each model is housed in one sleek box with a digital display in front and touch button control on top. As for functionality, all models include Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm auxiliary input, FM tuner, and alarm. You can even use the auxiliary input to plug in a turntable like the Audio Technical LP-60, the Denon DP-300f, or the Teac TN-300.

How to chose which Geneva model is right for you? Model S, M, L, and XL can easily be matched with the corresponding room size while model XS Is perfect for travel – just pop into a bag or suitcase.

Here’s a breakdown of their most popular models:



For form, function, and portability, it’s hard to beat the Geneva Model XS. Inspired by the classic travel clock, it comes in a sturdy leather-like clamshell case that flips open to deliver rich and detailed sound. Closed, it’s a stylish accessory small enough to slip into any briefcase. The ultimate portable lifestyle speaker.


The Model S comes with two 3” drivers, as well as dual bass ports and six available presets. Amazingly, this small unit will comfortably fill a room up to 500 sq ft which makes it perfect for smaller bedrooms, offices, or commercial spaces. The model S comes in gloss red, gloss white, and piano black. It also has the option of a small swivel stand or feet (both options come in the box) plus an ever-so-handy remote.

Instead of two speakers, Geneva outfitted the Model M with four full-range speakers. Each speaker provides a remarkably clean and detailed stereo sound. With two tweeters and a pair of 4” woofers. It is evident that the Geneva Labs engineers wanted to produce something that is capable of sounding as good as most mid-level stereo systems. This is a great unit for most living rooms or small apartments. The model M comes in red, white, black, and a striking Walnut.


The model L gets even more power plus an extended woofer size ensuring that your living room, loft space or large office can be outfitted with dynamic and big quality sound. The model L comes with a built in top loading CD player, bluetooth, and support for external  streaming services. It is also available in red, white, black, and Walnut. Add a sculptural element to your room by tacking on the optional floor stand.

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