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  • Accuphase E-480 Integrated Amplifier
  • Accuphase E-480 Integrated Amplifier
  • Accuphase E-480 Integrated Amplifier
  • Accuphase E-480 Integrated Amplifier
  • Accuphase E-480 Integrated Amplifier
  • Accuphase E-480 Integrated Amplifier

Accuphase E-480 Integrated Amplifier

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The Accuphase E-480 amplifier is an exceptional product as much for its quality of manufacture as for its musical prowess. Even if the brand is not very well known to us, it certainly deserves the time to make the discovery. Especially this E-480, which offers a winning combination of maturity, finesse and quiet power, and an absolutely unique timbral accuracy. The Accpuhase E-480 also represents excellent value for its price. This is of course a very high-end product that is certainly not within the reach of all people. However, if you take into account the almost eternal nature of Accuphase products, the brand's reputation for legendary reliability, performance level and resale value, we say that in the end it may be considered a bargain. Rarely has a product given me the desire to buy it. The Accuphase E-480 is now my dream amplifier that, while auditioning, made my dreams come true. - TED Magazine


The Accuphase E-480 is the greatest all-round integrated amplifier ever made. 

Internally, the preamplifier and power amplifier sections are kept entirely separate, in order to allow each to develop their full potential, rivalling the performance and sonic excellence of separate type components. 

The power supply uses massive, high efficient toroidal transformers for a robust, reliable power supply to the speakers. 

Power MOS-FET devices arranged in triple parallel push-pull pairs for each channel greatly enhance the ability of the amplifier to drive low-impedance loads. The E-480 can deliver 180 watts per channel at 8ohms, driving any speaker to their fullest potential. 

The revolutionary AAVA volume control allows the signal to travel without passing through variable resistors, ensuring ultimate performance without the effects of impedance changes. This also ensures excellent reliability, as there are less parts that are subject to deterioration. 

To learn more about Accuphase's impressive design process, read about our factory visit here


  • Revolutionary AAVA volume control
  • Power MOS-FETs in triple parallel push-pull configuration deliver ample power: 180 watts/channel into 8 ohms
  • Instrumentation amplifier principle for power amplifier input stage allows fully balanced signal transmission, complemented by MCS+ topology and current feedback amplification circuitry
  • Logic-control relays for the shortest signal paths
  • Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency toroidal transformer and large filtering capacitors
  • POWER IN button allows separate use of preamplifier and power amplifier sections
  • Numeric indication of volume level

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