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  • Accuphase DP-950 Precision SA-CD Transport

Accuphase DP-950 Precision SA-CD Transport

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With the new DP-950, Accuphase has once again redefined SA-CD and CD playback. The high-mobility, lightweight laser pick-up unit combined with ultra-quiet motor and servo operation eliminate tray vibrations and the new chucking pulley was redesigned with a neodymium magnet resulting in smooth flawless movement. In keeping with Accuphase's high rigidity, intelligently damped philosophy , the chassis was constructed with a dual L-shaped aluminum frame forcing a low centre of gravity further reducing vibration. The power supply features high-quality filtering capacitors (4700μF x 10)  which are fed by dual high-capacity Toroidal transformers, each respectively dedicated to signal processing circuitry and the drive section. Accuphase has made The DP-950 future proof with the a Hyperstream Link version 2 driver for pure SA-CD hi-res pass through to the matching DC-950 Precision DAC for a completely integrated hi-res system.

  • High-quality filtering capacitors (4700μF x 10)
  • Dedicated dual high-capacity Toroidal transformers 
  • HS-Link version 2

Perfectly matched to the DC-950 DAC for a completely integrated universal digital conversion system.

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