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  • Accuphase DP-560 SACD/CD/DAC

Accuphase DP-560 SACD/CD/DAC

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A masterful showcase of Japanese engineering. The impeccably designed DP-560 inherits the SA-CD drive from the flagship DP-950 and the digital processor from the DC-950.  Giving the user a truly enlightened experience,  Accuphase has remastered the front display which now shows the sampling frequency and the number of effective bits of all input signals. The state of the art laser module is mounted on silicon vibration absorbers and the longer drive mechanism features a high-mobility, ultra-quiet motor to eliminate tray vibrations. The ultra modern, elegant cover is made from three parts; a rigid molded base, a high grade iron insulator, and a sleek aluminum cover with air gaps between each material to further reduce vibration. These features insure that the total noise is reduced dramatically. The DP-560 outputs 119dB signal to noise ratio, which means 2.8uV of output voltage noise. Giving the DP-560 a 20% reduction in voltage noise than the DP-550, effectively reducing the noise to zero. For the D/A converter section, Accuphase has updated the DAC chip to ESS Technology’s 32bit Hyperstream DAC ES9018S with 8 DACs inside. The highly advanced DAC circuit has 4 DACs connected in parallel per channel with Accuphase’s unique, cutting edge MDS+ conversion system. In addition, the independent low pass filter is installed for each audio output. The end result is an analog signal of outstanding quality, allowing the music to emerge in perfect clarity, demonstrating the ultimate potential of the SA-CD format.


  • 4 digital inputs, Coaxial, Optical, HS-LINK and USB.
  • USB Input accepts 384kHz/32bit-PCM or 11.2896MHz-DSD.
  • DSD data can be received both DoP(DSD over PCM)and ASIO2.1
  • Original HS-LINK Ver.1 transmits and receives at 192kHz/24bit-PCM or 2.8224MHz-DSD, Ver.2  transmits and receives at 384kHz/32bit-PCM, 5.6648MHz-DSD.
  • DATA Disc playback is available.
  • DP-560 can play 192kHz 24 bit data of WAV, FLAC, AIFF format, and 5.6MHz 1bit DSD data

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