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  • Accuphase DC-950 Precision DAC

Accuphase DC-950 Precision DAC

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The DC-950 is the 4th generation flagship digital processor which succeeds the highly revered DC-901. Ultra Low Noise is one of the main technical features of the DC-950. The former model, the DC-901 has excellent noise performance, however the DC-950 achieves a 20% lower output noise voltage than the DC-901. Accuphase has also adopted ESS Technology’s 32bit Hyperstream DAC ES9038PRO. Each channel uses 1 DAC chip, which incorporates 8 converters in parallel resulting in 2 times lager output current than the DC-901. The DAC circuits use MDS++ for PCM signal and MDSD for DSD signal. MDSD allows straight D/A conversion of the DSD signal. Multiple DSD signals are refined through digital processing in an ultra-high-speed FPGA, then are converted by separate D/A converters. After D/A conversion, summation of the multiple data is performed and errors are cancelled out resulting in an ingenious moving-average filter circuit with double-speed accuracy. An important characteristic of MDSD is the use of MDS type D/A converters which keeps conversion errors to an absolute minimum. At the same time, the MDSD circuit acts as a high-cut filter with completely linear phase characteristics. The end result is a digital signal of outstanding quality, allowing the music to emerge in perfect clarity, demonstrating the ultimate potential of the SA-CD format. Accuphase has perfected the numerical display with newly applied 7-segment LED instead of the previous dot matrix LED, this new LED allows the DC-950 to achieve superior visibility with a large character display. The state of the art front display now shows sampling frequency and the number of effective bits of input signals. 

  • 8 digital inputs. USB Input accepts 384kHz/32bit-PCM or 5.6448MHz-DSD. DSD data can be received both DoP DSD over PCM and ASIO2.1.
  • Balanced, Coaxial: 192kHz/24bit.
  • Optical: 96kHz/24bit.
  • USB2.0: 384kHz/32bit, 11.2896MHz.
  • HS-LINK Version1: 192kHz/24bit, 2.8224MHz/1bit. Version2: 384kHz/32bit, 5.6448MHz/1bit.

Perfectly matched to the DP-950 SACD/CD transport for a completely integrated universal digital conversion system.

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