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  • Accuphase C-2450 Precision Stereo Control Centre
  • Accuphase C-2450 Precision Stereo Control Centre
  • Accuphase C-2450 Precision Stereo Control Centre

Accuphase C-2450 Precision Stereo Control Centre

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Blending the purely analog AAVA volume control circuit with sophisticated technology inherited from the C-2850 results in superb S/N ratio and a refinement of expression that brings new clarity to the music. The utterly smooth operation feel of the volume sensor assembly and a top plate made of brushed aluminum with a hairline finish demonstrate a level of dedication and hands-on craftsmanship that pervades every aspect of this preamplifier. Each C-2450 is individually honed to provide nothing short of perfection. Experience music as it was meant to be heard.

AAVA operation principle is purely analog. The AAVA circuit converts the input music signal into 16 types of weighted currents which are then combined according to the position of the volume control knob. The combination of signal currents forms a variable gain circuit that adjusts the level of the music signal.

 The high-accuracy, high-rigidity volume sensor assembly has a responsive yet solid feel. Although AAVA adjusts the volume level by combining the output of weighted amplifiers, it is operated using a volume knob that appears similar to conventional systems. Internally however there are major differences. The volume sensor mechanism that detects the angular position of the volume knob rests on a frame extruded from a massive aluminum block and finished with utmost precision. The volume knob feels both responsive and solid when rotated and ensures extremely accurate position detection. The entire mechanism is supported on the chassis by a floating suspension using insulators, which has the added advantage of extremely quiet motor-driven operation when the remote commander is used.

Separate unit amplifiers for left and right channels. The main amplification tasks such as input buffering, AAVA, balanced output, and headphone output are handled by a total of six modular amplifiers for each channel. These unit amplifiers are mounted on a glass epoxy motherboard, with left and right sections being kept completely separate. In order to eliminate unwanted mutual interference between the amplifiers, a sturdy frame is used to provide support. As a result, both electrical interference and physical vibrations are reliably suppressed, creating an ideal operation environment.

Separate left/right power supplies. The power supply circuitry not only acts as the energy source of an amplifier, the current that it supplies to the load also has a significant influence on sound quality. The C-2450 incorporates four custom-made filtering capacitors which are rated for 10,000 μF and have been specially tuned for optimum sonic properties. Along with the power transformer, the entire power supply section is duplicated and kept separate for the left and right channel, resulting in a full mono construction. The entire circuitry from the input right through to the output benefits from a strong and stable supply of current which enhances the quality of the musical signal.


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