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  • Accuphase A-250 Power Amplifier

Accuphase A-250 Power Amplifier

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The A-250 Class-A Monophonic Power Amplifier is the newest flagship offering from Accuphase. A full redesign of the A-200, the A-250 raises the bar even higher in terms of electrical performance and sound quality and demonstrates the best performance to date in the history of Accuphase Power Amplifiers.

The A-200 implements the latest technology with two ultra low-noise instrumentation amplifiers realized in a discrete configuration, along with optimized signal input and power amplification stages, resulting in an astonishing 127 dB S/N ratio - a 20% lower noise output than the A-200.

Top-grade materials, sophisticated circuit pattern technology, and various other measures result in low impedance and enable the realization of a damping factor of 1400, which represents a 27% improvement up on the A-200.

Pure Class A operation delivers 100W of quality power into 8 ohms with a 10 parallel push-pull MOS-FET arrangement in place of relays for speaker protection, helping to ensure superb electrical characteristics and improve long-term reliability.

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