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Coronavirus update

Posted: May 17 2020

Dear music lovers,

The coronavirus has been tough for all of us. As early as February we started seeing supply shortages out of Asia, followed by decreasing walk-in traffic though March.  Ultimately, with the government-mandated shutdown of non-essential retail business, it’s been extremely tough to keep things operating and to maintain the high level of service that we established over the last 14 years.    

To best preserve what we have built once this pandemic recedes, we have decided to move our business entirely online going forward. With suppliers starting to catch up, we are shipping things as quickly as possible and continue to offer the sound advice that we have been known for through out the years. As in the past, the lines we carry continue to be supported by manufacturers’ warranties. Additionally for the many vinyl fans, you will notice that our full LP selection is now accessible online. We wish all of you the best and thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,

Planet of Sound

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