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Accuphase E-480 gets rave review from TED Magazine!

Accuphase E-480 gets rave review from TED Magazine!

Posted: Jul 19 2019

The new Accuphase E-480 is the best all-round integrated amplifier ever made and the chorus of applause continues with a stunning review from T.E.D. Magazine in Quebec. Jean-Denis Doyle says "The Accuphase E-480 amplifier is an exceptional product as much for its quality of manufacture as for its musical prowess. Even if the brand is not very well known to us, it certainly deserves the time to make the discovery. Especially this E-480, which offers a winning combination of maturity, finesse and quiet power, and an absolutely unique timbral accuracy. The Accpuhase E-480 also represents excellent value for its price. This is of course a very high-end product that is certainly not within the reach of all people. However, if you take into account the almost eternal nature of Accuphase products, the brand's reputation for legendary reliability, performance level and resale value, we say that in the end it may be considered a bargain. Rarely has a product given me the desire to buy it. The Accuphase E-480 is now my dream amplifier that, while auditioning, made my dreams come true."

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