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  • Coronavirus update

    Posted 17 May 2020

    Dear music lovers,The coronavirus has been tough for all of us. As early as February we started seeing supply shortages out of Asia, followed by decreasing walk-in traffic though March.  Ultimately, with the government-mandated shutdown of non-essential retail business, it’s been extremely tough to keep things operating and to maintain the high level of service that we established over the last 14 years. ...
  • Accuphase E-480 gets rave review from TED Magazine!

    Posted 19 July 2019

    Accuphase E-480 gets rave review from TED Magazine!
    The new Accuphase E-480 is the best all-round integrated amplifier ever made and the chorus of applause continues with a stunning review from T.E.D. Magazine in Quebec. Jean-Denis Doyle says "The Accuphase E-480 amplifier is an exceptional product as much for its quality of manufacture as for its musical prowess. Even if the brand is not very well known to...
  • Ethos receives 2nd major award from The Ear

    Posted 22 June 2019

    Ethos receives 2nd major award from The Ear
    The Ethos has become our favourite cartridge under $5000 because it achieves 95% of what's possible up to that price. First Hi-Fi Choice awarded a 5 star review and now The Ear has joined in the praise by saying "if you have a super-deck and arm combo don’t feel it won’t perform. It has the potential to unseat some of the more...
  • Under $300 Cartridge Comparison

    Posted 25 April 2019

    Under $300 Cartridge Comparison
    Cartridges are one of the biggest upgrades in the whole world of stereo equipment. The variations in stylus type, material, design and electrical compatibility can be easily heard. We've made a video of our top 5 carts under $300 so you can hear exactly what they sound like and compare for yourself. 
  • Goldring Ethos

    Posted 03 August 2018

    Goldring Ethos
    We were huge fans of the old Goldring Legacy MC cartridge and the Ethos is the new replacement. Even higher spec at a slightly lower price? When does that happen??? Should have them in stock within the week. $1499
  • New Kuzma Stabi R available!

    Posted 20 June 2018

    New Kuzma Stabi R available!
    At Munich in May this year, Kuzma released a very special new turntable-- the Stabi R. This table is a trickle down of the massive Stabi M. With a similar constructed steel plinth chamber holding the motor and power supply, it offers the best of high mass designs in the smallest footprint as well as the same motor and power supply...

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